SUP Safer Course

The SUP Safer course is designed for anyone new or a relative novice to stand up paddleboarding, wanting to gain knowledge and raise their awareness of their personal safety in a sheltered water environment.

The 4-hour programme is delivered within the sheltered water environment, where you will explore and learn to appreciate the potential hazards you might encounter and be prepared to avoid or deal with them.

The course covers 4 key modules:

  • SUP Equipment
  • Environment and weather
  • Planning
  • Safety on the water

The aim of the course is to set you up in a way that allows you to be more independent with more knowledge to make effective decisions as well as when, where and if to paddle!

We will look at the following points:

- Leashes – different types and where to wear them
- Equipment – what's good to bring
- Checking conditions
- Towing
- Self rescues
- Rescuing others
- Unconscious rescues of another paddler

This course will involve lots of being in the water and practical rescues.