Open Water Swimming

Refresh your body and mind with a scintillating dip in our riverside lagoon.

Our most beloved activity at Willowgate is the simple pleasure of a cool water swim. It’s our bread and butter, and sessions are run most days, either in the morning or afternoon/evening. In the summer, when it is most popular, we run a couple of sessions a day.

A 350-metre circuit waits for swimmers to either gently glide through or eagerly race around, or there is a shorter route if you prefer. One of our friendly instructors will watch over you with a paddleboard in hand to help if needed, making our sheltered lagoon an ideal location for those wanting the delights of a wild swim in a safe environment.

Half the participants like to wear a wetsuit, though half are quite content without; the choice is entirely your own. Our wetsuits are not suitable for open water swimming, so it advisable to bring your own if you feel it is too cold without.

Whether you’re wanting an invigorating start to the morning or a calming wind down swim in the evening, this activity is well worth a shot.

Our Current Time Table

Monday 8:00 & 16:00

Tuesday 9:00 & 17:00

Wednesday 8:00 & 18:45

Thursday 9:00 & 17:30

Friday 8:00 & 16:00

Saturday 9:00 & 16:00

Sunday 9:00 & 16:00

Please note this timetable changes seasonally with demand

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