Canoe 5 Week Course

Thinking of trying canoeing? Join us on our 5-week canoe course aimed at people 16+ years.

This course is all about learning new skills, and what you can do in an open Canadian canoe. Each week we'll learn different skills to enable you to be a more confident canoeist.

The course consists of 5 x 1.5 hour sessions:

Week 1 : Being together in a tandem canoe, forwards paddling, and controlling turning

Week 2: More control, turning on the spot and on the go, moving sideways, moving backwards, solo paddle opportunity.

Week 3: Get wet day, Safety and Rescues.

Week 4: Solo & traditional skills, learn to control a canoe on your own, learn about all the traditional Canadian skills used.

Week 5: Trip day! Take to the River for a trip to round off a great experience.

What's next after this course?

  • Join one of our canoe expeditions for the overnight experience
  • Join one of our intro to white water canoeing days
  • Come and complete your foundation safety and rescue training