Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor: British Canoeing

The qualification will support the SUP instructor with practical skills such as kitting up a group and getting afloat, initial familiarisation activities, games and activities and how to use mini journeys to support learning, inspire adventure and exploration. This will be enhanced with support on how these sessions can be delivered in a way that is enjoyable, safe and rewarding.

The Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor qualification is designed for instructors running SUP taster/starter sessions within the safety management systems of clubs, centres or other organisations in:

  • Very Sheltered Water environments
  • Stand Up Paddleboards deemed suitable for a first-time experience

The process of completing the qualification aims to help prepare candidates for their first SUP instructing role; ‘primed and ready’.

Method of Assessment

There are three specific assessment tasks that are completed during the course:

  1. Professional Standards
  2. Rescue Skills
  3. Personal Skills

Instructor eLearning

The optional eLearning module has been designed to cover a range of topics relevant to the Stand Up Paddleboard Instructor. The eLearning can be accessed ahead of the course or used to support Instructors once they are in their role. This will be available in December 2022.