Training Programme

If you're looking to work towards becoming a Paddlesport Instructor, then this is the course for you!

  • Day 1: Canoe & Kayak. We'll hone in on the basics and make sure we're aceing them!
  • Day 2: All about the SUP. Today we'll focus on SUP skills including a river trip in the afternoon
  • Day 3: It's time to put our skills to the test in a 10km tour to Newburgh. You choose which craft you'd like to paddle. In the afternoon we'll spend some more time practicing skills back at Willowgate
  • Day 4: Today will be all about how we keep safe on the water, as well as learning how to rescue ourselves and others
  • Day 5: The last day is all about enjoying being on the water. We'll spend half the day heading out on some white water either in kayaks or paddleboards, and then half the day picking up on anything else you'd like to cover; we'll decide this as a group, it could be more skills, or another trip if we're feeling keen!

This 5 day course will not only leave you feeling confident and comfortable in a canoe, kayak and SUP, it will also leave you with all the experience and qualifications needed to sit your Paddlesport Instructor whenever you choose.

You'll leave with the following British Canoeing qualifications;

  • Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course
  • SUP Personal Performance Award
  • Paddle Explore Award

Next Steps: Paddlesport Instructor

Now you've completed all of the pre-requisites (be at Paddle Explore level and have completed a PSRC course) you'll hopefully feel ready to do your Paddlesport Instructor qualification.
It's important you give yourself at least a couple of weeks before booking your Paddlesport Instructor as you'll need time for all the skills and information you've soaked up to sink in. It will also give you time to practice any skills you may need to work on.

You'll have the option to then complete your Paddlesport Instructor with us or anywhere local to you. The Paddlesport Instructor is a 2 day training/assessment. Once completed you'll be able to instruct Canoeing, Paddleboarding and Kayaking in sheltered water environments from the craft of your choice. Because you will have completed your SUP PPA with us, this will act as a 'bolt on' to your Paddlesport Instructor allowing you to instruct from both the craft you choose as well as a SUP.

Additional Option: Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential

If you'd like this course to be counted as your D of E Gold Residential, when booking you can add this on as an option for an additional £?. Each evening we'll spend doing a different activity as well as cooking together (often on an open fire) and camping at Willowgate. Evening activities include things such as Axe Throwing, Laser Clay Shooting, Combat Archery, Target Archery, Bushcraft etc.