Team Building Days


If you don't want to win it, why are you in it?!

Combat Archery, Giant Paddleboarding, Katakanu Races and a whole load of other activities combine to make this a great half day activity you're sure to enjoy!

Your group will be split into competing teams which will all take part in a variety of land and water based activities aimed to challenge their team work and LET'S DO THIS attitude. Each team will add points to their score cards throughout the day to determine which team ends victorious.

This is a great team activity for those who have high energy and want to try some different activities on and off the water. You'll help to bring the enthusiasm in each other out and work on your communication, leadership and teamwork skills all while breaking down those barriers and having great day together.

Duration: 2.5 hours

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A day which starts by challenging the mind and ends with laughing at your team falling off a self-built raft

This day is all about team work, mixed in with a lot of challenges and even more fun. We'll start the day splitting your group into teams. These teams will then work as quickly as possible to complete as many logic based challenges as possible. For every challenge completed, your team will earn some Willowgate cash to pocket for the afternoon's activity.

When the time is up, each team will get a shopping list. It's rafting building time! With the money your team have made this morning they can choose to buy a variety of materials, skills, and expert knowledge to ensure their team's raft will be the strongest and quickest to capture the flag.

Guaranteed to bring everyone out of their shell, this day out will help your team work together, learn each others skills all whilst having a great time in each other's company.

Duration: 3 hours+

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Time for some Scottish culture!

Nothing feels more Scottish than hurling a haggis or tossing a caber, that's why our Highland Games continues to be one of our most popular group activities.

Set with our beautiful backdrop of the River Tay on one side and Kinnoull Hill the other, it's a great location for your team to put themselves to this traditional Scottish challenge.

This is a great option for teams who might not fancy going on the water and want something fun which builds on motivating, encouragement and team bonding.

Our instructors come kilted up and there's always a local prize for the winning team. If you fancy something a little extra, why not talk to us about having a piper or a whiskey tasting paired with your games.

Duration: 2 hours

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Want to go on the water but need more than just a fun play session?

Cannonball is all about having fun on the water whilst undergoing a series of challenges which will help your team to bond and work on their self awareness, team awareness, communication and co-operation skills.

The various challenges take place on tandem boats, group Giant Paddleboards, as well as solo craft. They'll need to learn how to work independently, as a pair and in a group to complete a series of tasks. Not only will this be a good teamwork builder, but it's bound to be a great laugh and will definitely have many bonding moments throughout the day (especially when we bring the blindfolds out!).

We love nothing more than a good team building day and have lots of ideas up our sleeves to get your team working together in new and fun ways. If there are any specific goals you're looking for let us know and we'll work hard to make sure your day away from the office is exactly what you need!

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For more information and inspiration for your team building day have a look at our brochure and get in touch for more details!

Corporate Team Development Brochure

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