Course details Paddlesports Safety and Rescue Course: British Canoeing

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Paddlesport Safety & Rescue course is intended for all paddlers, coaches and volunteers, irrespective of craft or discipline choice. It provides training on key skills needed to operate safely and deal with common emergencies in a sheltered water environment.

Throughout the course, candidates will explore simple strategies and safe skills that can provide the tools to solve common paddling issues. The course is suitable for all ages and great for individuals, aspirant Paddlesports instructors and groups wanting to expand their safety practices when on the water. The course content focuses on rescuing from the paddlers specific craft and covers equipment, safety frameworks, as well as a range of rescues including contact and towing rescues, self-rescues and deep-water rescues.

Please see information on the SCA website below relevant to the course:

Course Content

Over the day we will look at how we keep ourselves and others safe as well as performing lots of rescues.

The Paddlesports Safety & Rescue Course is roughly a 6 hour programme that consists of 6 modules described below:

  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Safety Frameworks
  • Contact & Towing Rescues
  • Self Rescues
  • Deep Water Rescues
  • Reflection & Development

Pre requisites

Participants need to either hold the paddle explore award or have the equivalent ability, due to the paddling environments and the craft control required to complete the course

Open to all ages

Before the course:

  • Please complete the risk awareness form sent over on booking
  • Please email over your Full Name, SCA membership number and date of birth.
  • The below link has information to help you prepare of the course.
  • Please watch these video on the link below as something that may help you prepare:


This course runs 9:30 to 15:30