Paddle Course

Over the 2 days you will learn essentials skills and knowledge that will support you towards becoming an independent paddler.

Try out a variety of crafts or just stick with one, whichever suits you best!

Over the 2 day course we will look to develop your skills in single or multiple crafts. Day 1 will be spent at Willowgate focusing on fundamental skills to allow you to paddle effectively and efficiently, as well as being safe on the water. Day 2 will see us meet offsite for a day of exploration and putting the skills into practice.

Skills covered:

  • Trip planning
  • Basic understanding of equipment and appropriate safety equipment
  • Forwards paddling
  • maneuvering the craft
  • Emergency stops
  • Self rescues
  • Assisting another paddler
  • How to attract attention and help
  • Turning

We can also upgrade this to a British Canoeing Paddle Explore Award at the end of the 2 days if you wish (£10 fee cost applies)

What's Next:

  • Join one of the local paddling clubs
  • Attend a Foundation Safety & rescue training
  • Attend an intro to white water or sea paddling course

Keep looking on the website for future dates or give the centre a call