Our Charity

Willowgate’s Story

Set up by the Tay and Earn Trust, Willowgate Activity Centre opened its doors in June 2017 and we’ve loved every second of it since! By offering a range of activities to a range of people, we aim to include every part of the local and not so local community.

From giving people a taste of the outdoors, working with schools, running tours, to supporting people 1-on-1, we aim to be as flexible as possible to ensure everyone gets the best out of their experience with us.

We believe there’s nothing better than being in the outdoors, being active and enjoying your local environment! We base our every day on seeing the value it has in bringing people together, improving mental wellbeing, connecting people to nature as well as allowing old and young access to a bit of good old fashioned fun!

Set in the heart of Perthshire, just a stone's throw away from Perth City Centre, its tranquil position on the River Tay sets the scene for a great adventure surrounded by wonderful views of Kinnoull Hill and surrounding countryside. Since opening in 2017 Willowgate has gone from strength to strength with more people visiting us each year and our Willowgate family ever-growing. There’s never an idea we wouldn’t consider so please get in touch if you are looking for something different.

David Clarke (1946 – 2017) and the beginning of the Tay & Earn Trust

The Tay & Earn Trust was founded by David Clarke to preserve the past and regenerate the river system for future generations.

As a young Lad, David would work helping to repair nets on the banks of the Tay receiving his first wage packet at the age of 7. This passion would see him acquire The Tay Salmon Fisheries Company several decades later.

dad and son

David had a vision for the Tay & Earn which he worked on tirelessly for years with the help of Dago (a life long fisherman, river lover and one of our loyal trustees). David worked to reclaim neglected banks and foreshores to encourage wildlife back to the river, whether it was planting native trees and flowers along the miles of footpaths he had built with his mini digger, or clearing the river system of rubbish, David would be found on the banks of the Tay & Earn seven days a week; one of his favourite sayings was ‘’every day is a Monday’’.

David’s passion and drive saw the opening of the Willowgate Café & Fishery, and more recently the Willowgate Activity Centre, which promotes everything David stood for; access and inclusion for all, education of the river, wildlife and its habitats, traditions & history.

David’s vision and work continues through the Trust and will for generations to come. His son Simon is now the Trust’s Chairman and continues with the same passion and vision.

The Tay & Earn Trust Today

The Tay & Earn Trust is a Scottish Charity, registered in June 2013. The Trust’s charitable aims can be seen below:

  • To conserve, regenerate and improve the environment, flora, fauna and fish, in and related to the river systems of the Tay & Earn
  • To advance the education of the public about the heritage and culture of the Tay and Earn, to promote and to carry out research relating to the sustainable management and development thereof
  • To advance community development and participation, including encouraging and developing traditional skills and methods of working and living sustainably and healthily
  • To advance projects relating to renewable energy and sustainable resources involving or related to the said river systems
  • To provide or organise recreational facilities and activities, with the object of improving health and well being.

For more information on current projects and happenings, or to get involved please feel free to visit the Trust’s website here.

” Registered as a Scottish Charity SCO44062 “