Kayak 5 Week Course

Looking to get involved in kayaking or learn new skills? Why not join us on our 5 week kayak course aimed at adults only.

We have got a range of kayaks for you to try including closed cockpit, sit on top kayaks and sea kayaks

Each week with the time spent learning new skills, playing games and gaining water confidence.

The course consists of 5 x 1.5 hour sessions:

Week 1: Introduction to kayaks, paddles, forwards paddling, turning and some games

Week 2: Perfecting your skills – Forwards, backwards, sideways and turning

Week 3: Stopping a capsize – low braces and turns on the move

Week 4: Rescues – learning how to rescue themselves and others

Week 5: Going for a paddle on the river – taking to the River Tay to explore and challenge their skills

What's Next?

  • Join us for an introduction to White water or Sea kayak
  • Come and complete a Foundation Safety & Rescue Training Course
  • Join one of the local kayak clubs