Katakanu Hire

Want something fun for all the family to do? The Katakanu’s the one for you.

If you’re wondering, “What is a Katakanu?”, then you’re not alone. These unusual craft are two canoes attached together, catamaran style, allowing you to fit up to 6 people onto the one magnificent vessel.

Rent it for an hour to paddle around our lagoon, or, if you are feeling lazy, lie in the middle and let the others do all the hard work! This is the perfect craft if you have wee ones, as long as they fit into one of our buoyancy aids, they can enjoy some water fun too!

This is a pretty stable craft, so unless you throw yourself in the water, you're not likely to get really wet. On a warm day, shorts and t-shirts should be just fine, however, wetsuits are available to hire if you want.

The price is for the hire of the whole boat, so it works out to be a very cost effective way of getting up to 6 people out on the water!

Please note, this is not an instructed session and all participants must wear a buoyancy aid on the water at all times as well as shoes. All Under 18's must be supervised by an adult who takes responsibility for their safety.