Perth Litter Pick Paddle 26th May


10:41-10:41 PM




Willowgate and our charity (The Tay & Earn Trust) are dedicated to do whatever we can to keep our river clean and get local people feeling involved and passionate about the environment around them (especially the river!).

As part of this, we've launched Pick it up Perth which is a campaign to clean up our local areas of litter as well as educate why its important to not drop litter; as well as reduce, reuse and recycle!

These free paddling litter picks are part of our Pick it up Perth campaign to get a group of people on the last Sunday of every month, out on the river to collect up as much litter as possible. We also hope that you'll stick around afterwards to help us categorise the litter so we can report it to help with Keep Scotland Beautiful's reporting campaign. https://www.keepscotlandbeauti...

So what do you need to do for the Pick it up Perth Paddle?

  • Come dressed ready to get muddy, dirty and a little wet
  • Sturdy shoes which you're happy to get wet are a must! (the mud on the Tay is quite squelchy)
  • Bring gloves. Gardening gloves, something like that is perfect. We could give you plastic ones, but that feels a little silly given the purpose of this paddle!
  • Be prepared for the weather- If it's winter, dress warm. If it's super sunny, bring a hat etc.
  • Come ready to get stuck in and have a laugh, who knows what we might find! Having people ready to help after to categorise the litter really helps too, otherwise it takes our staff agggeesss by themselves
  • If you want to dontate some money, that's great! This goes towards us offering free Pick it up Perth days to local schools. These days involve getting the young people out on the river to litter pick and then some fun activities in the afternoon to education about litter creation as well as waste and the impact that has on our world.
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