Canoe Taster Experience

Pair up and take to the water in one of the most relaxing ways to travel.

Unlike kayaks, our very stable Canadian-style canoes use single sided paddles and can take 2 people (plus a wee one if wanted).

This is a fantastic paddlesport for people of mixed ages and abilities. An instructor will take you out in small groups, showing you all the techniques and strokes needed to smoothly manoeuvre your canoe forwards, backwards and around. They’ll get you putting your skills against each other with some games and improving your technique with balance challenges.

If you’d like to give it a go and see if this will become your new favourite hobby, then a taster experience is the all-encompassing introduction that you need.

The first 15 minutes is allocated to kitting up and a brief, which will leave around an hour and half of fun on the water. Each group will have no more than 8 people per instructor, who will show you the basics (plus a little more if you're feeling confident!).