Perth City Tour (Kayak, Paddleboard, Katakanu)


Take a leisurely paddle up to Perth City Centre to take in the views and enjoy being on the water

Our Perth City Kayak Tour is by far our most popular tour. Not only is it suitable for complete beginners, it's also a great journey past some amazing riverbank and scenery!

The kayaks we use are sit on top kayaks which are extremely beginner friendly and reassure a lot of our more nervous beginners, as there is nothing over the top of them. They are purpose built for touring and are shaped to help you go straight with ease, with their long profile and skeg, making you glide through the water smoothly.

For those who may want to journey together, we have tandem kayaks which make the journey a little easier. These are perfect for bringing along a child, as well as making your journey as easy as possible. Double the people means twice the power (unless someone is too busy taking photos of course!). For the more experienced kayaker, you can request a closed cockpit sea kayak, although we find most people really enjoy our touring sit-on-tops.

Your guide will be with you every step of the way to give you paddling tips, as well as pointing out some points of interest along the way. Did you know that beavers live in Perth City Centre?! Interested about how you can walk inside the Friarton Bridge?

What are you waiting for? There's no better way to experience Perth, whether its the city views or quiet nature you're after!

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Explore the stunning surroundings of Perth by paddleboard

For many local people, being able to paddleboard on the river Tay is a bucket list item and we can see why! The journey itself is beautiful, but there's nothing more exciting than being alongside the busy town centre whilst you are tranquilly floating along, observing from a new perspective. Combined with the secluded nature-filled feel of the northern channel, it is sure to give you a great paddleboard journey!

To make the most out of our stand-up paddleboard tours we suggest you gain a little experience first. Ideally, you should already be capable of standing up on your board and paddling in a straight line. You can always learn this skill on one of our taster experiences before booking a tour. It’s a 7km journey so we want to make sure you’re comfortable. An experienced instructor will make sure everyone is kept safe, moving at a pace suitable to each person's comfort level. They will also be on call to give you some tricks and tips along the way.

You're welcome to bring your own board, or borrow one of our touring specific 13ft Red Paddle Co. Voyagers. These boards are top of the range touring boards designed to make your journey as easy as possible. Their rigidity, combined with their long length and V-shaped front, allow for a smooth ride through the water whilst giving you more speed than a regular board would.

Click the button and join us soon for a Perfectly Perthshire Paddleboard

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Katakanus are great boats for groups of mixed ages or those that want to do it together!

A katakanu has 6 seats so is perfect for families who all want to be in one boat together. As long as you've got 3-4 strong paddlers it's perfect for young children (3+) to join and have a go at paddling without being left behind if their arms get tired! There is also room in the centre canopy for a couple of extra small people who may prefer watching or taking it in turns to paddle as well as the 6 seats.

Your tour will start on the river Tay just next to Willowgate before heading up towards the historical city of Perth. As you come to the top of Moncrieffe Island, there are great views of the city, and this is a great place to pause and take in the views before returning around the other side of the island. Along the journey you’ll see plenty of evidence of the beavers that dwell here, just look out for the distinctive gnaw marks on the trees! Don’t forget to keep a look out for otters, oyster catchers, herons, king fishers, and seals too.

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