Why choose Willowgate Activity Centre for Outdoor Education?

We believe in outdoor education and know it makes a big difference, contact us for prices.

All staff at Willowgate Activity Centre work here because they want to engage with young people and make a difference. This makes sure that every aspect of your visit from booking to goodbye is an experience to remember.

What we can offer…

  • A safe secure learning environment
  • A range of exciting habitats
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Curriculum linked programmes
  • Year round activities
  • Toilet facilities
  • Experienced and DBS checked staff
  • Risk assessments for all activities

Primary Schools

Our schools course supports ‘A Curriculum for Excellence.’ It is delivered using critical skills techniques with the added advantage of learning in the real world. Our aim is to offer children and young people the opportunity to access the curriculum in a new and more relevant way that is both exciting and enjoyable.

The primary Schools programme at Willowgate Activity Centre is designed to focus on the children’s personal and social development through outdoor activities. Courses are of a multi activity format allowing children to experience many outdoor activities. This range of activities will enable children to make considered choices later, on whether to follow these activities or not.

Pond Dipping

Equipped with nets, trays and magnifying glasses, pupils have the opportunity to explore and learn about the creatures inhabiting our freshwater pond. Sweeping their nets in a figure of 8 through the water from the safety of the bank, young people can discover the delights they have scooped up, identifying them against the charts.

Our Instructors encourage children to discuss and learn about the creatures found and their habitat. Students will learn about creatures such as water boatmen, tadpoles and pond skaters. This session can be tailored to the particular educational requirements of teachers.

Den Building

Get back in touch with nature and build yourself a shelter out of all natural resources, better make sure it’s watertight and ready for the night.

Outdoor Classroom

Funded by the Postcode Local Trust, our outdoor classroom complete with a Sedum roof has spectacular views onto the River Tay and Kinnoull Hill among others. It’s the perfect environment for some outdoor learning or a spot of lunch.


Mini Beast Safari

No lions or tigers found on this safari but you’ll be surprised to find out what beasts are inside things, under things, on plants and in trees. What’s more exciting or compelling to children than mini beasts?

Our instructors will get the children to use their senses to look, listen and touch their way around their outdoor space – encouraging a sense of curiosity that could lead to adventures and imaginative play.

Bug catchers, magnifying glasses and clip boards at the ready.


Wild Art

Wild art captures the children’s imagination by turning items they find at the centre into their own creation. From mosaics, pictures made from twigs to stone painting the possibilities are endless.

We have all of the equipment the children need to bring out their artistic flair. Providing the children with exciting and different experiences to help them learn.


Habitat & Wildlife Identification

Every plant or animal lives in a habitat. Use our variety of habitats (ponds, woodlands, grassland) to collect and observe different creatures. Find out how to group and classify a variety of living things and record where they live.


Navigate your way around the Willowgate Centre using basic orienteering skills to find a range of clues. Work as a team to complete challenges and learn how to use a map and compass.


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