22 Aug 2019


09:00 AM - 05:00 PM



British Canoeing Foundation Safety & Rescue Training

The objective of this training course is to introduce simple and safe skills that can provide the tools to problem solve simple common paddling scenarios in flat/sheltered water regardless of the craft.

Candidates will learn:

  • Skills which will enable them to ensure the safety of themselves and others
  • Appropriate rescue skills which can be used to help themselves and/or others in difficulty

Participants will learn how to rescue crafts & the paddlers of Closed Cockpit Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, Canoes, Touring Kayaks Sit on tops.

This course is a great opportunity for existing paddlers / aspirant instructors to learn efficient ways to rescue crafts and their paddlers.

This Course is £50pp including fees. The course runs 9am to 5pm

Candidates wishing to attend Foundation Safety and Rescue Training must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to swim in normal paddling clothing suitable for the prevailing conditions
  • Boat-based candidates must also hold the Paddle Explore Award, 2 Star Award or be of equivalent ability due to the paddling environment and the boat control required to complete the course
  • Bank-based participants accessing the course are not required to hold a Personal Performance Award. However, they should be prepared to fully participate in all relevant aspects of the course

A first aid certificate is not a pre-requisite. However holding a first aid certificate is strongly recommended for all paddlers.