Survival Skills 5 Week Course

If your young ones love being outdoors, making fires, using tools and just generally being a little wild, then this 5 week course is for them!

Based all around a variety of bushcraft skills, each week will focus on a different skill ensuring a stimulating and fast paced environment. It's a great way for them to learn to love the outdoors whilst learning to respect it and be safe at the same time.

Each week runs for 2 hours with the last session being run offsite at Kinnoull Hill to really put their skills to the test! See below for full course description.

  • Week 1: Tools - This is all about learning to use essential survival tools safely and what you can do with them. All children will be closely monitored and given tools appropriate to their ability i.e. knives, saws, axes etc.
  • Week 2: Fire Lighting - Nothing screams bushcraft more than fire lighting. We'll go over different fire lighting methods and will work together to create some awesome (and safe) fires using different starting techniques and materials.
  • Week 3: Water - 3 days is about as long as you can survive without water. This session will be based around collecting, filtering and purifying water. We'll need our skills from week 1&2 to complete this challenge.
  • Week 4: Shelter & Food - We'll go through how to build natural shelters to best withstand the Scottish weather, then we'll gather some food and have a cookout in the shelters we've built, learning about what natural foods we can find and how to cook on a fire.
  • Week 5: Survival Challenge - This week we'll meet at Kinnoull Hill to put it all together. There'll be a challenge set and as a team we'll work to put all our new bushcraft skills to the test to survive in the wild!