Gold Residential

For those looking to achieve their Gold D of E Award, you must partake in a 5 day residential. This is often one of the harder parts to organise, as it should be done in an environment you're not familiar with, with a group of people you don't already know. Find out a little more about it from D of E here.

Willowgate currently offers residentials on Loch Tay. We stay in bunkhouse type accommodation and spend our days doing different activities, such as Hill Walking, Axe Throwing, Bushcraft, Paddleboarding, Canoeing and Kayaking. Depending on the group, we may also head out on some local white water rivers as well.

It's a great chance for young adults to do something a little different, form new friendships but most of all, get stuck in and have a great time! Our experienced and enthusiastic staff will be on hand to push them to their limits and guide them through all the different adventurous activities, as well as be there in the evening to help with the cooking and evening activities.

We also currently have 'non-residential' Gold Residentials (confusing eh?). These were created due to Covid-19 to still allow young people to complete their residential, while sticking to Covid restrictions.

They've been a great success and D of E have decided to continue with the 'non-residential, residentials' for the near future. These residentials offer a cheaper alternative without the option of an overnight stay. Perfect for those who may be a little anxious at the idea of staying away.