We love our volunteers!

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Here at Willowgate we have some amazing volunteers who love spending time here and we love them being here even more! Our volunteers are from all walks of life and all help us in different ways.

Recently, a few of them have joined us on our staff team so we have a few spaces available for some new volunteers. It could be you!

Here’s some roles where we’re looking for help:

Someone to join us on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions

  • From 3 to 5 day expeditions; you’ll need to be comfortable paddling (a canoe, kayak or SUP) and happy in a tent.
  • This volunteer will sometimes help with pastoral care, or will sometimes act as a ‘supervisor’ making sure the young people are feeling happy throughout the day and evening
  • One (or more) of our members of staff will always be around to organise and support
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as we would like an adult volunteer to come along for the ride so there is more than one adult present

Someone to help out at our evening Additional Support Needs club

  • This club runs every Wednesday evening from 17:00-18:30 and we’re looking for someone fun-loving and patient to help out
  • It’s a great place for young people with additional support needs such as autism, ADHD etc. to feel free and enjoy paddling and splashing around in the water
  • Sometimes it’s nice to have an extra pair of hands incase someone feels nervous or needs 1 on 1 support
  • Ideally you’ll be able to get around in a kayak/ SUP/ canoe but any experience is welcome!

Someone who likes to tinker

  • Our volunteer Mike is a classic example of this; he’s retired and loves to come down once a week and get stuck in fixing things we’ve manage to break during the week and just generally helping out with some odd jobs here and there. He’s always on hand to fix a broken handle or help us build a paddle stand. We were drinking a cuppa with him the other day and thought ‘I wonder if there’s more Mike’s out there’.

We currently have lots of young volunteers who help out on the weekend so we’re pretty full for that role, but feel free to get in touch and we can always put you down for something for the future!

We thank all of our volunteers in different ways; some are interested in gaining British Canoeing qualifications, some just enjoy having a community they call theirs and some take the opportunity to bring their friends down for a paddle every now and then, or book their family on to a city tour. Each volunteer is different but we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested to start a conversation and see how we get on!


Email Emily at emily@willowgateactivitycentre.co.uk




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