Halloween at Willowgate

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Looking for a different way to celebrate Halloween this year? We’ve got a range of options for adults, kids and families; read on to find out more about the range of spooky offers Willowgate have this Halloween.



Kids Halloween Adventure Day

Make sure the kids have a great Halloween by dropping them off for a Halloween Themed adventure day!

Activities include ghost hunts, Pin the hat on the witch (archery style), Spiders web survival, watersports Halloween games and the main event: The Paddle Pumpkin Parade. We’ll carve some pumpkins during the day, then once we’ve mastered our Stand-Up Paddleboarding skills we’ll balance our illuminated pumpkins on the boards for a final pumpkin parade loop around Willowgate’s lagoon.

Only £35pp for ages 7-14. Drop them off at 9:30 with lots of warm clothes, lunch, lots of snacks and then be ready for them to be returned to you tried, muddy and full of stories at 16:30.

Book here: https://www.willowgateactivitycentre.co.uk/events/halloween-adventure-day-31st-oct-9-30-16-30-35pp-ages-7-14/

P.S. parents are welcome to come down a little early to watch the Pumpkin Parade from 15:45


Pumpkin Paddle

Join us for a city tour with a Halloween twist. The plan? To get a flotilla of boats heading (socially distanced of course) to the city and back dressed in Halloween attire with pumpkins on the front of each boat. When we get to the city it should be starting to get dark, so we’ll switch the tealights on and paddle through the city and back to Willowgate illuminated!!! Be sure to bring your carved pumpkins along with you, and we’ll provide the ‘boat safe’ light to put inside.


Choose from any of the following options:

Kayaks (£35pp)- Perfect for any ability. Ages 14+ will be in a solo kayak, anyone from 8-14 will need to be in a tandem kayak with an adult

Pumpkin Paddle- Kayak 31st October 14:30 – 17:00 £35pp

SUP (£35pp)- Best for those with a good SUP ability. It’s a 7km journey so you’ll definitely need to have mastered standing up with confidence as well as basic forwards paddling ability

Pumpkin Paddle- Stand Up Paddleboard 31st October 14:30 – 17:00 £35pp SUP Experience Required

Canoe (£75 per boat)- There are two seats for adults and then room for a couple of little ones (ages 4-7) on the floor. This is a great option if you’ve got small ones that would be up for floating up and down the river for 2.5 hours but probably wouldn’t add much muscle to the occasion

Pumpkin Paddle- Canoe 31st October 14:30 – 17:00 £75 per boat

KataKanu (£150 per boat)- These boats are perfect for families or groups, they hold up to 6 people, so if you’ve got a group that want to do it together, this would be perfect for you! Depending on age ranges, we recommend at least a couple of adults per boat

Pumpkin Paddle- Katakanu 31st October 14:30 – 17:00 £150 per boat

We can’t wait to see you and your pumpkins there!




Open Water Glow Swimming


Water getting colder not enough of a challenge for you? Hello, night time swimming!


We thought, as a Halloween special we’d have a night glow swim session. Of course, our spotters need to see you, so you’ll need some way to illuminate yourself. We suggest a few little glowsticks, or one chunky glowstick tucked under your goggle strap on the back of your head. If you have a swim float, another idea would be to put a glow stick or torch inside.


We’ll keep each swim to a maximum of 15 people and will have extra swim guards on hand to keep a look out for you. To book click on the links below…


Swim Times:

18:00- 19:00https://www.willowgateactivitycentre.co.uk/events/halloween-glow-swim-31st-october-swim-times-1800-1830-4-50pp/

If this slot fills up, we’ll add up further sessions



Can’t wait to see you and your glowing heads there!!


Please note that swimmers should be familiar with swimming at Willowgate and in the temperatures the lagoon currently sits at (~10.5C). If swimmers are not sufficiently glowing, our swim guards reserve the right to stop swimmers entering the water for safety reasons.

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